amerimold 2014 Technical Conference Program

amerimold 2014: ENGINEER

Sponsored by: MoldMaking Technology magazine

Goal: To examine the technologies and best practices that are necessary for mold buyers and mold builders to make critical decisions when it comes to de-risking the product launch and making that quoted cycle time. Topics will include part/mold design and simulation, additive manufacturing, conformal cooling short-term goals for getting qualified parts and long-term plans for managing the life of the program.

Who Should Attend: Those on the front line of decisions being made between the mold builder and buyer—Mold Shop Senior Management, Mold Procurement Personnel, Mold Designers, Part Design, as well as processing and troubleshooting personnel.

Moderator: Glenn Starkey, Mold Making and Mold Design Division Chair, Society of Plastics Engineers

Co-presenter: Mold Making and Mold Design Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers 
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amerimold 2014: BUILD

Sponsored by: Makino

Goal: To share case histories and best practices that will move decision-makers to develop strategic plans for how their shop and staff will look in the year 2016 and beyond. We will examine challenges and strategies for building your business not just molds, driving the next generation of skilled workers, implementing technology and making the most of industry resources.

Who Should Attend: Company Owners, Operations/Plant Managers, Shop Foremen and HR Managers.

Moderator: Vic Baez, Plastics Manager, Rockwell Automation

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amerimold 2014: MAINTAIN

Sponsored by: Mold Maintenance & Repair

Goal: To develop the skills and systems necessary to understand how much unscheduled mold stops are costing your company; identify and target these and other high cost mold operating issues (part quality, mold function, tooling and labor costs, etc…) that take large bites out of the profit margin; recognize a substandard maintenance environment that dictates not only daily bench habits but also negatively influences the desire and motivation of your team to raise personal skill levels and excel in this hands-on trade; and, see the benefits of advancing the skill levels of craftsmen so they can repair the many dings, nicks, scratches, scuffs, etc., encountered on tooling components and how it will reduce repair costs and downtime. It does not require 40 years of experience to weld, fit and polish many tooling components. It’s about appropriate training in specific crafts and the desire to learn.

Who Should Attend: Molding Facility Owners, Plant Managers, Toolroom Managers and Supervisors. OEMs and those responsible for tooling productivity and costs, plus personnel at mold building companies who are responsible for repairing and maintaining their customers' tools should also attend.

Moderator: Steve Johnson, Operations Manager, ToolingDocs

Co-presenter: ToolingDocs

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amerimold 2014: Knowledge Centers

Sponsored by:

Presented by: MoldMaking Technology

amerimold Knowledge Centers are brief, interactive presentations held on the show floor. Intimate and limited in size and led by applications experts at leading equipment suppliers, amerimold Knowledge Centers offer opportunities for deeper learning about specific product and process technologies whether your ENGINEER, BUILD or MAINTAIN molds.

amerimold 2014: Special Events

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Collaboration between mold builders, mold buyers and equipment suppliers is currently and will continue to drive to the mold business

Each year, amerimold offers a host of networking opportunities aimed at connecting builders, buyers and suppliers for production sourcing, technology transfer and business development.

amerimold 2014: Thermoplastic Composites for Automotive

Sponsored by: TenCate Advanced Composites USA | C.A. Litzler Co. Inc.

Sponsored by:

TenCate Advanced Composites USA     
C.A. Litzler Co., Inc.

Presented by:

CompositesWorld | Plastics Technology | Automotive Design and Production

Capitalizing on the recent growth in automotive and advancements in new technology that promise further innovation, CompositesWorld and Plastics Technology will combine to produce a conference program that will be co-located with amerimold 2014, scheduled June 11-12 in Novi, Michigan. The program will consist of presentations from materials and equipment suppliers, including new innovations in composites molding that will be displayed at the K Show from the likes of Arburg, Krauss-Maffei and Engel. It will also feature presentations on advanced composites technologies that offer car makers more opportunities to lightweight vehicles while maintaining (if not improving) performance.

The Novi location is strong for automotive. The show has historically pulled in strong numbers among companies who identify themselves primarily as injection molders regardless of location. Now, for the first time in the history of the show, these attendees will have access to a conference program—situated alongside the amerimold program for moldmakers—that will get them up to date on the latest advances in manufacturing technologies impact their business. It will also expose this audience to advances in composites fabrication technologies that may become part of their processing operation in the future. For companies in composites and looking for an entrée into automotive, this event will have a two-pronged effect of exposing them to new technologies in their field, and to injection molders that already are part of the automotive supply chain.

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