amerimold 2014 Technical Conference Program

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8:15 am - 9:00 am | SESSION: Reactive and Proactive Simulation
Where does simulation fit in and where doesn’t it? What scenarios fit for one approach vs. another? Both reactive and proactive approaches will be covered, including discussion about how moldmakers get paid for this service and how to avoid common “enemies” that cause unscheduled downtime.  
Tim Lankisch - CAE Services
Director of Engineering
John Snawerdt - Moldex 3D
Application Engineer
Eldon Leidich - Extreme
Mold Design/Simulation Engineer
9:00 am - 9:45 am | SESSION: The Dollars and Sense of Additive Manufacturing and Conformal Cooling
Meeting customer needs today requires going beyond just building a mold; it means recommending techniques for cycle reduction, too. Panelists will share where it makes dollars and sense to apply alternative manufacturing and cooling approaches, and where it does not. Attendees will learn the importance of doing more engineering than traditionally required so their customers can achieve the increase in productivity they desire, and so the mold builder can secure future business
Bob Beard - Robert Beard & Associates
Jay Shoemaker - Autodesk
Principle Learning Experience Designer
Lou Young - Linear Mold & Engineering
Director-New Business Development, Tooling & Mfg
10:00 am - 10:45 am | SESSION: Demystifying Venting Options: What Approach Matches What Problem?
Many part quality issues—weld lines, flow lines, sinks, bubbles, burning, dimensional stability, etc.—can be traced to inadequate mold venting, which is still considered a “black art” at times. Panelists will review areas to consider when assessing venting effectiveness and address strategies for optimal venting. They will begin with an overview of several best practices and then do a closer examination of the top two. Attendees will learn how to eliminate or decrease adjustments to the tool during validation, yielding better part quality at an improved cycle time
Ken Rumore - Progressive Components
Senior Design Engineer
Paul Britton - International Mold Steel
National Sales Manager, Mold Products Division
Bob Salhaney - DME Company
Product Engineer
Andrew Samrick - Paragon D&E
Managing Director, Advanced Mfg. Division
10:45 am - 11:30 am | SESSION: When Things Go Wrong: Firefighters Share Experiences from the Field
OEMs want to know what their suppliers are doing to avoid being plagued by short- and long-term tooling problems, and these “tales from the front lines” can guide specifications to prevent issues from arising.  Q&A session follows from 11:30 AM - Noon.
Matt Proske - Sigma Plastic Services, Inc.
Vice President
Rod Groleau - RJG, Inc.
Kevin Klotz - MGS MFG Group
Project Engineer, Quality & Simulation Services
Mike Zacharias - Extreme

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