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Mold Manufacturing

June 15-16, 2016 • Novi, MI
Suburban Collection Showplace


Technical Conference Program

NOTE: All sessions, times and presenters are subject to change.


SESSION: Overcoming Repair and Part Quality Challenges with Design
1:00 pm - 1:45 pm
A longtime industry veteran will share how his mold manufacturing expertise eased his transition to the world of injection molding where he manages thousands of PMs and repairs each year. You will hear his personal journey to redefine his definition of a robust tool and explore the impact of tool design on part quality, mold maintenance intervals and mold repair. Topics will include: proper venting and standards, parting line bearing surface, unsupported ejection and lifter lengths, ejector stroke, supports, wear surfaces, hardness, coatings, design for ease of maintenance (in the press and on the bench), proper component fit and function, timing lifters, proper lubricants and cleaning methods.
Randy Kerstra - Tooling Manager, Royal Technologies Corporation

SESSION: Making Zero Parting Lines Possible
2:00 pm - 2:45 pm
Zero parting line is when you minimize (make Zer0 or imperceptible) the visual effect of the match condition or parting line between a slide/lifter and the cavity surface, in a visible area.  RFQs from toolmakers with zero parting line specifications are increasing, so moldmakers need to be aware of this trend. Although currently, it is only in automotive, it will likely expand into other end markets.  A method for achieving zero parting line requires an evolution of the texturing process that involves tool build design, so it behooves moldmakers to partner with texturing sources when approached with this specification.  This presentation will examine the partnership between the texturing source and the toolmaker as they work together to design, build, fit and apply the decorative finish to meet design intent. The design and function of the tool with regards to access, slide or cam pockets and lock-down hardware, first shots, final fitting, texture application and sampling will be discussed. Early and ongoing collaboration and communication among all parties involved will be emphasized. 
Paul Williams - Sr. Account Manager / Technical Development, Mold Tech

SESSION: Five Reasons to Celebrate Mold Cleaning
3:00 pm - 3:45 pm
The benchmark of in-machine mold cleaning. No matter how large or small a molding operation, maintaining clean cavities and vents can mean the difference between mediocre performance and high-profit productivity. This presentation is an integrated approach to success. It will highlight five reasons to celebrate mold cleaning not postpone it: 1. mold cleaning can be accomplished effectively in the machine; 2. zero waste; 3. faster; 4. without causing mold wear; and 5. without leaving any chemical residue. Molders and toolmakers using dry ice will increase yield, extend asset life, increase productivity, reduce operating costs and improve environmental quality and worker safety.
Steve Wilson - Director of Business Development, Plastics, Cold Jet

SESSION: Plating Aluminum Molds for Optimal Performance
4:00 pm - 4:45 pm
Plating can be applied to aluminum molds for protection, increased production, to maintain thermal conductivity and to improve part release. This low temperature application can turn your prototype mold into a long lasting production mold. Plating is also a successful way to maintain the proper finish for consistent output and a cost-effective way to optimize the performance of aluminum molds by increasing hardness. Presenters will review which aluminum types are best for a polished finish, provide tips on how polished finishes and coatings can be used for maximum protection and part release, give an inside look at masking techniques, and share best practices for communicating and coordinating with your plating. Case studies will reinforce the importance of coatings and finishes for optimal performance.
Harry Raimondi - Technical Services Manager, Bales Metal Surface Solutions

SESSION: Laser Texturing: Practical Applications
8:00 am - 8:45 am
Laser texturing is a process used in design, styling and manufacturing within the plastic injection mold, medical, aerospace, ICT, automotive and consumer products industries. It is well known and used in the European market, where this technology has allowed the use of new grains, such as geometric patterns. Attendees will hear perspective on this texturing method from both the technology supplier and end user. Presenters will explain the laser texturing process, review its current uses versus the traditional chemical texturing process, describe its benefits and limitations to the mold manufacturing industry with a look at costs and lead times, and share examples of products being textured with this technology now and in the future.  
Chad Hase - Laser Project Manager, GF Machining Solutions

Donald Melonio - Vice President, Custom Etch, Inc.

SESSION: Build with Maintenance and Repair in Mind
9:00 am - 9:45 am
Preparation is the key to success whether you are building a new mold or taking over an existing program into your production molding facility. When shops build molds to a budget and overlook the importance of designing for serviceability costs are incurred by the moldmaker and its customer. This presentation will offer conversation and Q&A on what happens when you don’t plan on maintenance and repair for the life of a mold program. What do you do when a customer comes to you with a hot runner manifold problem? Do you just make it go away or truly root cause the issue? You will hear a unique perspective from a shop that you would call when you have to make the mold work and you are out of time, money and options. United Tool and Mold specializes in mold repair, but also builds plastic injection, blow and compression molds as well as performing engineering changes, engineering services, service-on-site, laser welding and in-house texturing.
Scott Phipps - President, United Tool & Mold

SESSION: Tooling Data for the Entire Supply Chain
10:00 am - 10:45 am
With the complexity of tools advancing and the need for more collaboration from outside suppliers growing, having a global platform that provides instant access to the information driving your business is imperative. This presentation will explain how combining an online platform with mobile app technology can improve the way your company manages and communicates data, both internally and with your outside suppliers. The right data management solutions can help guarantee that your tooling, process and maintenance information is always available for your tools to the people who need it, when they need it. Come learn more about the latest innovations in data management and tool tracking capabilities.
Sean Brolley - Business Development Manager, Tool Stats

SESSION: Justifying, Specifying and Implementing an In-House Laser Welding Program
11:00 am - 11:45 am
For Industrial Molds Group engineering changes and mold repairs are a significant part of the business, which demands laser welding. For many years, the company outsourced this work to an expert service provider 50 miles away.  Despite the excellent service, the sheer volume of welding and the demand for quick turnaround forced Industrial to consider implementing an in-house laser welding program. This presentation will share the company’s journey by discussing purchasing considerations, the selection process, training, customer benefits as well as some laser welding tips and tricks.
Justin Carlson - HSM Programmer / Laser Welding Specialist, Industrial Molds Group

Tom Stapleton - Laser Machinery Sales Specialist, Alliance Laser Sales