The Event For
Mold Manufacturing

June 14-15, 2017 • Rosemont, IL
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center


Technical Conference Program

SESSION: Durable Low Energy Coatings for Molding and Extrusion Applications - NO DISTRIBUTION
10:00 am - 10:45 am
Through the use of a new low-temperature diamond-like-carbon process, a series of coatings has been developed for use on polymer and ceramic interacting surfaces for both molding and extrusion. This presentation examines key properties of these new coatings for most tool alloys. Topics include the benefits of coating thickness (1-5 microns), thermal transfer properties, surface energy, durability, wet chemistry techniques and low deposition temperature. Current polymer molding customer reports will also be shared.
Brent Barbee - Chief Technology Officer/ Founder, United Protective Technologies (UPT)

Glenn Keith - Global Assessment & Training Manager, MoldTrax LLC

SESSION: The Importance of Spotting for Mold Builders
11:00 am - 11:45 am
Many mold builders have a stigma with the word 'spotting'. It's the time consuming, end-process step before sending their finely-crafted mold to their customer or production floor. Moldmakers have been investing in high-technology, hoping to reduce finishing and spotting time. By cutting to zero, mold builders can significantly decrease the time spent on spotting from days to hours; however, spotting still isn't eliminated. It's becomes even more relevant due to the complexity of present day molds, the need for engineering changes, etc. Many shops are still using technologies and methods 20-30 years old to achieve this crucial step of validating a mold's precision. The techniques used are often unsafe (for both the maintenance crew and the mold) and are physically straining. Premier mold shops are investing in higher technologies for this stage of the moldmaking process. These technologies ensure accuracy, offer comfortable operation, provide a safer means of handling molds, decreasing time spent on spotting.
Beatrice Just - VP, Millutensil

SESSION: Developing a Welding Strategy
9:00 am - 9:45 am
When discussing mold welding repair methods, it is often difficult for an engineer to make sense of it all. When do you chose a certain process? Should a molder buy a laser or micro-TIG machine? This presentation answers these questions by highlighting a step-by-step tool welding process from the day-to-day operations of a tool and die welding shop. Topics include developing a welding strategy, potential welding problems and possible solutions, filler rod selection, laser and micro-TIG welding strengths and weaknesses, strategies for outsourcing your mold repair work or bringing it in-house, the importance of communication and welder terminology. 
Eric Hild - Owner, Toolweld, Inc.

Donald Corbett - Sales Product Manager, Plastics, Oerlikon Balzers, USA